Our Speciality Teas

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Black Teas

English Breakfast A classic blend of Darjeeling & Ceylon teas with full bodied strong & refreshing taste

Irish Breakfast A rich and full flavoured blend of Assam & Indonesian teas

Lapsang Souchong Smooth character, highly aromatic with a smoky touch

Russian Caravan A blend of India & China teas with the addition of Lapsang Souchong. Highly aromatic with a less smokiness than Lapsang Souchong

Ceylon O.P Blend ‘Adams Peak’ Often considered the ‘champagne of teas’ – fully aromatic, rich & fragrant

Assam Lovely, powerful 2nd flush Assam with strong malty liqueur, rich in body & colour

Darjeeling Bright & aromatic, floral grape aroma giving a warming taste.

Sikkim A flowery and fully aromatic flavour. From the former Sikkim kingdom, which now produce very small quantity, but excellent quality tea.

De-caffeinated Black Teas

English Breakfast A classic blend of Darjeeling & Ceylon teas with full bodied strong & refreshing taste


Flavoured Black Teas

Christmas Tea wonderfully aromatic tea flavoured with traditional Christmas spices – cinnamon, cloves, and almonds, creating a very warming drink.

Blackcurrant lovely fragrance & pleasantly refreshing

Earl Grey – Blue Star Quality blend of Indian & Ceylon teas with Bergamot orange oils

‘My Lady’ Finest quality China & Ceylon teas blended with Bergamot, orange & lemon peel makes for a very delicate but very fragrant tea

Earl Grey – Blue Rose classic earl grey with rose petals & pineapple a pleasant fruity twist on this classic

Lavender Earl Grey classic earl grey blended with lavender

China Oolong “Orange Blossom” semi-fermented tea with a gorgeous orange flavour. Light & delicate taste

Vanilla blend of Assam & Ceylon teas with a luxurious flavour of vanilla, elegant & sweet.


Green tea

China Green Sencha the most popular green tea variety, it’s soft, subtle & milder than most other green teas.

Cherry Sencha a high quality blend of Sencha green tea, rose petals and natural cherry flavour. Like a cherry bakewell in a cup!

Ginger-Lemon refreshing lemony infusion with a spicy ginger note. (contains wheat)

Tropical Garden an elegant combination of green & white tea perfumed with fruits (papaya, pineapple, strawberry & raspberry) and flower blossom. (contains wheat)

Green Mint refreshing & soothing with peppermint oils

Pina Colada aromatic, mellow & delicious mix of pineapple & coconut

Vanilla A delicious creamy vanilla flavoured green tea. Perfect any time of the day.


Fruit Infusions (tea free, naturally caffeine free)

Chamomile Relaxing, calming & refreshing

Peppermint intense in aroma & flavour yet with a very smooth finish

Berry Burst very aromatic and as the name suggests, bursting with fruit (contains wheat)

Fennel Pleasantly sweet, aniseed flavour. Said to ease constipation & indigestion.

Ginger Explosion spicy mix of ginger, fruit and floral notes. Very refreshing.

Raspberry & apple infusion Creamy raspberry & apple taste with blackcurrant & citrus undertones. (contains wheat).

Rosehip & Hibiscus Milled Chilean rose hips are mixed with hibiscus flowers to make this floral & fruity invigorating infusion.


Rooibos (Redbush) – naturally caffeine free

Rooibos Organic Creamy & sweet flavour, rich in Vitamin C & mineral salts

Strawberry & Vanilla smooth, mellow, sweet infusion

 “Cactus-Fig” Blend of creamy rooibos, apple, orange blossom & liquorice gives a juicy taste reminiscent of cactus fig tropical fruit.

Tulsi-Orange Unique blend of rooibos, honeybush, tulsi herb, orange peel & orange blossoms. Has a very fresh citrusy taste with slight peppery note.

Ginger-Lemon Refreshing citrusy infusion with a spicy ginger note (contains wheat)

Caramel Very creamy, sweet flavour.

Gingerbread Chai A magical creamy and spicy Rooibos– this tea is perfect for warming and indulging yourself during the cold season.

Marzipan Creamy rooibos with a lovely nutty almond-marzipan taste. (contains almonds)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]