Hello and welcome to Little Green Frog!

My name is Vanessa and I am the owner of  Little Green Frog.

I have been on quite a journey with my business over the years and, like all small businesses, I’ve evolved somewhat in order to keep going, so thank you for coming along for the ride!

Here’s a little bit about me …

I live with my husband Alistair in Stapleford, Notts, with our cat Waffles. My long (and somewhat varied) career has always had one thing in common – customers! I have worked in customer service for over 30 years & I strive to always offer a pleasant and enjoyable experience when shopping with us.

I love animals – frogs, sloths, newts, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, dogs, you name it – but especially cats. We currently manage a feral cat colony of 13 cats from our back garden. They have their own Facebook page where you can follow their antics – Sherwood & Fluff. They get through so much food (and then the occasional vet bill) that most of my profit margin from sales actually goes towards feeding the furballs and keeping them safe.

This last year has been a personal roller coaster, so I have decided to return to doing more crafting and making things – a lifelong love of mine – rather than mainly stocking other suppliers. As I had to take a step back in my life, and sell my much-loved tea room due to ill health, this is something that is really going to help me move forward, and definitely help with overall wellbeing and mental health.

As a lot of our visitors to the site know, I had a jam-making business before I owned my tea room, so later this year I hope to get back into making preserves, as well as jewellery, greeting cards, fabric goods and candles!


So that’s a bit about me. We hope you love our new website; any questions please ask, and we hope you find a few nice bits to treat yourself and/or your friends with.




P.S. I also have a passion for tea, especially properly brewed loose leaf, and have an online shop dedicated to it. Click below to visit Rutland Tea Co. and find out more!

Rutland Tea Co. Logo
Keith the cat
Mango the cat